July 6, 2023

Master LinkedIn Video to Enhance B2B Speaker Profiles


LinkedIn has become the go-to platform for professionals to network, build their brand presence, and establish thought leadership in their industries. For professional speakers, LinkedIn offers a valuable opportunity to showcase their expertise, connect with potential clients, and improve their B2B speaker profiles. By utilizing video content on LinkedIn, speakers can significantly increase their reach and engagement, leading to growth and a higher return on investment (ROI).

The Importance of LinkedIn for Professional Speakers

Targeted Professional Audience: LinkedIn boasts over 760 million professionals worldwide, making it a powerful platform to connect with decision-makers, event organizers, and corporate clients. Being present on LinkedIn ensures professional speakers can reach the right audience for their services.

Building Brand and Establishing Thought Leadership

LinkedIn provides a platform for professional speakers to establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry. By consistently sharing valuable content, they can build their brand, gain credibility, and differentiate themselves from competitors.

Networking Opportunities

LinkedIn offers ample networking opportunities for professional speakers to connect with event organizers, fellow speakers, and potential clients. Engaging with relevant communities and participating in industry conversations can open doors to speaking engagements and collaborations.

Leveraging LinkedIn for Growth and ROI

Expanding Connections and Followers:

Professional speakers should actively grow their network by connecting with industry professionals, event organizers, and potential clients. Engaging with their connections' content, sharing insights, and participating in groups can help build a loyal following.

Creating Engaging Video Content:

Video has become a dominant content format on social media platforms, including LinkedIn. Professional speakers should leverage video to capture attention, showcase their speaking style, and share valuable insights. By creating compelling video content, they can significantly increase engagement and attract potential clients.

Showcasing Speaking Engagements:

Professional speakers can share snippets or highlights from their speaking engagements on LinkedIn. This not only demonstrates their expertise but also provides social proof of their public speaking abilities, encouraging others to consider booking them for future events.

Different Types of Video Content for Professional Speakers:

Educational Content:

Provide informative videos on industry trends, best practices, and tips related to their area of expertise. This content establishes credibility, positions the speaker as an authority, and offers valuable insights to their audience.


Give a glimpse into the speaker's preparation process, rehearsals, and behind-the-scenes moments from speaking engagements. This humanizes the speaker, creates a personal connection with the audience, and builds anticipation for upcoming events.

Client Testimonials:

Share videos of satisfied clients or event organizers expressing their positive experiences with the speaker's presentations. Testimonials provide social proof and increase trust in the speaker's abilities, attracting potential clients.

Event Promotions:

Create short promotional videos to announce upcoming speaking engagements, conferences, or workshops. These videos can generate excitement, encourage event attendance, and demonstrate the speaker's commitment to delivering value.

Q&A Sessions:

Conduct live or recorded Q&A sessions where the speaker addresses common questions or challenges faced by their target audience. This interactive content fosters engagement, allows for direct communication, and positions the speaker as a resource for knowledge.

Inspiring Stories:

Share personal stories or anecdotes that relate to the speaker's journey, challenges faced, and lessons learned. These stories inspire and resonate with the audience, creating an emotional connection and leaving a lasting impact.

Posting Frequency and Minimum Video Content:

To maximize visibility and engagement, professional speakers should aim to consistently post video content. Starting with at least one post per week is recommended. However, increasing the frequency to two or three times per week can help maintain audience interest and increase the chances of being seen in the LinkedIn feed. Consistency is key to building brand awareness and staying top-of-mind among followers.


LinkedIn offers professional speakers a powerful platform to enhance their B2B speaker profiles, expand their network, and generate ROI. By leveraging video content, professional speakers can captivate their audience, demonstrate their expertise, and build credibility. Implementing various types of video content, such as educational content, behind-the-scenes glimpses, client testimonials, event promotions, Q&A sessions, and inspiring stories, allows speakers to cater to diverse audience preferences. By consistently posting video content on LinkedIn, professional speakers can increase their visibility, attract potential clients, and ultimately achieve growth and a higher return on investment.

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