June 29, 2023

Revolutionizing Content Creation: How Synthesia.io is Changing the Game with AI-Powered Videos

Synthesia is a leading AI video creation platform that allows you to create professional videos in as little as 15 minutes. Trusted by over 50,000 companies of all sizes, this platform offers a wide array of unique features that cater to various needs. Skeptical about the capabilities? The video below was generated entirely by AI. Pretty good overall.

AI Avatars

Choose from 150+ ethnically diverse stock AI Avatars or create your own custom AI Avatar (your digital twin) with Synthesia. Add micro gestures to your avatar such as head nods or raised eyebrows for a more realistic and personalized touch.

AI Voices and Languages

Synthesia supports video creation in 120+ languages, accents, and voice tones. Simply type in your text and turn it into professional voiceovers in minutes with its Text-to-Speech feature.

Voice Cloning

Now you can clone your own voice and pair it with your face (custom AI Avatar), making your videos even more personalized and engaging than ever.

AI Script Assistant

Automatically create video scripts with ChatGPT-like prompts, ensuring your video content is engaging and high-quality.

Screen Recorder

Record short videos of your screen with Synthesia's built-in screen recorder, perfect for tutorial or demonstration videos.

Easy Integration and Sharing

Synthesia integrates with Google Slides, allowing you to create, present, and share your videos easily with your team.

Pricing Plans

Synthesia offers various pricing plans to suit different user needs. The Individual plan is priced at $30/month (billed monthly) or $270/year if billed annually (works out to $22.50/mo), while the Business plan is priced at $500/month (billed annually).


With such an extensive range of features, Synthesia.io is truly revolutionizing the field of content creation, offering a unique blend of convenience, customization, and cost-effectiveness. Whether you're a creative, part of a creative agency, or a marketer, Synthesia.io can empower you to create high-quality, professional videos with ease and efficiency. Take the leap today, and embrace the future of content creation with Synthesia.io.


How to upload your image for creating a custom avatar?

From the website, upload an image where your face is clearly visible. Make sure your face is evenly lit and directly facing the camera. Both color and black & white images work well. The image must be in .jpg or .png format and at least 1MB in size.

Is there a limit on the number of videos I can create?

The number of videos you can create depends on the plan you choose. For the Personal plan, you get 10 minutes per month, and the Business plan offers you unlimited video creation.

How does Synthesia maintain the quality of AI voiceovers?

Synthesia uses advanced AI technologies to generate voiceovers from text. It supports over 120 languages and various accents, ensuring you get high-quality, professional voiceovers for your videos.

Can I use Synthesia for my eLearning platform?

Yes, Synthesia is widely used for creating training videos for eLearning platforms. With its wide range of features like AI avatars, voice cloning, and script assistant, you can create engaging and interactive learning materials.

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