June 15, 2023

Top 5 Disruptive Video Tech in 2023

2023 is here and the field of video production is changing quickly. New video tech is taking off unrelentingly and the video creative universe has had its second big bang, expanding with so many new ways to produce video content. In this article, we will dive into the emerging trends in video production, projecting the technology destined to forever change this sector.

The Role of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

We have seen huge leaps in virtual and augmented reality technology with brands like Apple joining the revolution this year with the recent unveiling of the Apple Vision Pro that has shown to have taken the technology and up the quality to a whole other level. Meta is also still trying to push forward in the AR/VR revolution with the Quest 3 coming out in the Fall as well. With the technology constantly improving and becoming used more commercially, we will be seeing increased production of AR/VR content globally, especially in video production.

Apple's newest Flagship VR/AR Headset, the Vision Pro, which comes in at a $3,500 price tag.
Apple's newest Flagship VR/AR Headset, the Vision Pro, which comes in at a $3,500 price tag.

The Advent of Engrossing Interactions

Virtual and Augmented reality is dismantling established boundaries, empowering spectators to engage in novel manners with content. Transforming passive onlookers into dynamic players, these advancements elicit a more profound involvement.

Implications on Video Crafting

Using VR and AR, makers can fabricate digital strata, enhancing the traditional 2D visual depth. This not only amplifies the viewer's encounter but also paves new avenues for innovative storytelling.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Video Production Landscape

The way we work on video will no longer be the same. ChatGPT and OpenAI aren't the only AI tools we have seen rise to the surface in recent years. There has been a huge surge in tools with AI technology currently taking off. AI tools for photography, digital art, video, text content, you name it, there is a tool for it, and if there isn't, there will be soon. Tools like Filmora, Lumen5, Wisecut and more are all changing the game for video production.

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AI and Automation: A Fresh Epoch

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly assuming a pivotal part in video production. By mechanizing routine tasks and forecasting audience behavior, AI boosts productivity and customization in the video sector.

The AI Edge

AI's capacity to scrutinize copious data swiftly offers insights, aiding video creators in devising more tailored and captivating content. The fusion of AI is also enabling automation in video editing, color harmonization, and sound design.

The Emergence of 360-Degree Video

You have may have seen lately on your feed some videos with an interesting spherical look to them. Thats 360 video and its been gaining popularity as the technology becomes more available and even better than ever with cameras like the GoProMax and Insta360 X3 creating remarkable 5.7k 360 footage for videographers to use to their hearts content.

Insta360 X3 5.7K 360 Camera
The Insta360 X3 captures vivid 5.7K 360° video, so you'll never miss the action.

The Upsurge of Omnidirectional Perspectives

360-degree video is a rising trend, primed to reshape the video production future. This innovation allows spectators to traverse every angle of a scene, inducing a presence and engrossment that conventional videos can't emulate.

The Alteration of Video Narration

360-degree video necessitates video crafters to rethink traditional storytelling techniques. Audiences are no longer mere bystanders; they become the action epicenter. This demands a switch from linear narrative structures to more investigative and interactive ones.

The Trend of Live Streaming

The global live streaming market took off during the pandemic days becoming a $1.24 billion market in 2022 and recently increasing to $1.49 billion in 2023 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.6%. The live streaming market is just getting started too and is expected to grow to $3.21 billion in 2027. Live streaming technology is constantly improving with new streaming protocols like SRT being produced, a streaming project being launched by Google called WebRTC, new immersive video streaming technology including 360 video livestreams and more.

Twitch Logo
Twitch has grown into a $45 billion company as of 2023.

Real-time Content: Authentic and Gripping

Live streaming has escalated in appeal, owing to its instant and uncensored character. The authenticity and immediacy of live content attract audiences, providing video producers a dynamic platform to bond with viewers.

Beyond Broadcasting: A Platform for Interaction

Live streaming surpasses mere content distribution; it cultivates interaction. Real-time reactions enable audiences to partake in the experience, fostering a vibrant, bi-directional communication channel.

5G Technology's Role in Video Production

5G's mainstream arrival is quickly approaching. Indoor deployments are increasing rapidly and mobile carriers are constantly and consistently expanding their nationwide networks. Verizon currently covers 175 million Americans with 5G. T-Mobile covering 321 million people with its Extended Range 5G and AT&T supporting 285 million with its low-band spectrum 5G. The technology is also consistently improving with the average user download speed increasing by 34.6% for AT&T and 15.8% for Verizon. Now you may be asking how will this impact video production? One Word: Convenience.

The Influence of Rapid Connectivity

5G technology's arrival will significantly affect video production. High-speed, low-latency connectivity allows streaming of high-definition 4K and 8K videos, rendering buffering obsolete. How convenient.

The Horizon for Mobile Video Production

5G will revolutionize mobile video creation. The enhanced speed and capacity will enable creators to develop top-tier video content directly on their smartphones, democratizing the video production process. Now that's convenient.


With the landscape of video technology expanding at a very fast rate, being able to stay on top of the latest tech and implementing it to your video production services will give you a leg up from your competition and allow you to create amazing video content in ways you could not have even imagined a few years ago. VR and AR are crafting immersive experiences on a new level, AI is automating and personalizing video production, 360-degree videos are revolutionizing storytelling, live streaming is creating new ways for businesses to interact with customers, and 5G is enabling high-quality mobile video production that has quality on par with the pros. These trends are not just reconfiguring the video production industry; they're constructing a future where everyone can create, and every viewer can interact. Get ready, the future is here, it's exciting, and the video production industry will see a boom in innovation and creativity, redefining video for years to come.

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