April 25, 2023

Topaz Video AI: A Comprehensive Solution for Elevating Low-Quality Video Footage

The Struggle with Low-Quality Video Content:

As a video professional, you have likely faced the challenge of working with low-quality footage received from clients, captured on low-resolution cameras or webcams. Despite applying various techniques to improve the footage, the results are often unsatisfactory. There are numerous software solutions available to enhance video quality, including built-in tools in DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Premiere Pro. However, Topaz Video AI stands out as an exceptional tool that delivers impressive results with just a few clicks.

Introducing Topaz Video AI:

Topaz Video AI is a powerful tool that specializes in video enhancement tasks such as deinterlacing, upscaling, and motion interpolation. It can upscale low-resolution footage, generate slow-motion videos from any source, stabilize subjects, and refine even the roughest videos using its advanced fine-detailing tools.

User Interface and Experience:

The Topaz Video AI interface is straightforward and easy to navigate. Import your footage and access all video enhancement tools in a column to the right of the video. You can enable specific enhancement tools under the filters area based on your requirements. The AI's multi-threaded architecture enables you to preview and export multiple videos simultaneously.

Topaz Video AI offers various presets to save time, including:

  • 4x slow motion
  • 8x super slow motion
  • Auto crop stabilization
  • Convert video to 60fps
  • Deinterlace footage and upscale to HD
  • Upscale to 4k
  • Upscale to 4k and convert video to 60fps
  • Upscale to HD resolution

Encoding Filters:

Topaz Video AI's encoding filters comprise four primary filters:

  1. Stabilization:

The Stabilization filter helps you smooth out shaky footage using two techniques: Full-Frame and Auto-Crop. Full-Frame stabilization works by interpolating missing pixels from other frames, similar to the content-aware fill feature in Adobe apps. Auto-Crop stabilization reduces shakiness by cropping the video and decreasing the output dimensions, similar to Premiere Pro's warp stabilizer. You can also adjust the strength of the stabilization to achieve your desired results.

  1. Frame Interpolation:

This filter is ideal for creating slow-motion videos. It allows you to control the number of additional frames the AI model adds to your footage. 

You can choose between three AI models for different types of footage:

  • Apollo: Best suited for non-linear motion with slightly blurry inputs, such as footage with a lot of motion blur.
  • Chronos: Ideal for general footage without excessive motion blur.
  • Chronos Fast: Recommended for fast-motion footage with larger changes between frames.

Experiment with these models to achieve the best slow-motion results while maintaining video quality.

  1. Enhancement:

The Enhancement filter boosts your video's image quality using four AI models:

  • Proteus (Fine-Tune/Enhance): A general enhancement model suitable for denoising low to medium-quality footage.
  • Artemis (Denoise/Sharpen): A balanced model that improves detail and reduces noise in low, medium, and high-quality footage.
  • Gaia (Upscale HQ Video): Designed for enhancing high-quality footage.
  • Theia (Details/Fidelity): Adds sharpening and detail enhancement to your input video.

Choose the appropriate model based on your footage and preferences, and generate previews to determine the best fit.

  1. Grain:

The Grain filter allows you to add adjustable film grain to your footage for a more natural look and cinematic aesthetic. This filter can be especially helpful when upscaling and enhancing video quality, as it can counteract some of the harsh details created around the edges of the video. Customize the grain to achieve the desired visual effect.

By understanding and utilizing these encoding filters, you can effectively enhance your video footage and achieve professional-quality results with Topaz Video AI.

Upscaling Performance:

While Topaz Video AI cannot miraculously transform extremely low-quality footage (e.g., 240p) into stunning 1080p videos, it does an impressive job of increasing detail to make videos more legible. Focus on upscaling 480p-720p footage to 1080p HD, 1080p footage to 4k, and 4k to 8k. Experiment with fine-tuning options to achieve the best results for your projects.

Final Thoughts:

Topaz Video AI is a user-friendly software that delivers remarkable results in enhancing low-quality video footage. Its multi-threaded previews and exports save time, and its slow-motion and upscaling capabilities provide high-quality improvements to existing footage. The video enhancement filters offer ample customization options to create professional-looking content. Give Topaz Video AI a try to elevate your workflow and rescue your projects from the pitfalls of low-quality footage.

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