August 15, 2023

How Speakers Can Leverage Cold Email to Generate Speaking Leads


In today's digital world, public speaking remains a robust tool for personal branding and business growth. Speakers have an unparalleled opportunity to reach audiences and share their knowledge. However, securing those speaking engagements can be challenging. Enter cold emailing—a strategy that, when executed well, can open doors to multiple opportunities.

Benefits of Using Cold Email for Speaking Engagements

Cold emailing offers a direct channel to decision-makers. Unlike mass marketing strategies, it allows for tailored personalization, ensuring that your message resonates with the recipient. Furthermore, with the right tools, you can scale your efforts without sacrificing that personal touch.

Understanding the Cold Email Tech Stack

Clay - Prospect Differently

Our Coaching campaign inside of

Prospecting has evolved, and Clay is at its forefront. By amalgamating over 50 data sources, Clay transforms how you find and connect with leads. When combined with ChatGPT, speakers can craft human-like outreach on a grand scale, ensuring every message feels tailored and genuine.

The real power emerges when you add hyper-personalization to your emails, creating urgency. Using ChatGPT, you can craft content that references blogs, LinkedIn posts, and other relevant data. Gone are the days of generic templates; with Clay, you can 1:1 personalize entire email sequences.

Furthermore, with integrations spanning 200+ tools, Clay seamlessly fits into any workflow—whether you're triggering outbound campaigns or updating CRMs.

Our campaign targeting speakers. over a 2.8% reply rate from this campaign.

Built by cold emailers for cold emailers, addresses the scaling challenge many face. As you expand your outreach, costs shouldn't become a deterrent. Instantly changed this paradigm. With their platform, a single subscription covers unlimited accounts.

With a user base of over 10,000 clients and a massive outreach of 5M emails daily, Instantly underscores the relevance and potency of cold emailing. And for those still on the fence, a free 14-day trial offers a glimpse into its capabilities.

Steps to Execute a Successful Cold Email Campaign

Research and Lead Gathering

Start by identifying potential leads. Scour event websites, Speakers bureau sites, and other platforms where your target audience may be listed.

Utilizing Clay for Lead Enrichment

Once you've collated your leads, bring them into Clay. Use the "Find Email" data enrichment feature to uncover contact details. But don't stop there. By integrating Clay's "Find and Enrich from Google Search" enrichment with ChatGPT, you can craft compelling email first-lines based on LinkedIn Profile data.

For instance, referencing a prospect's recent post can transform your email from generic to captivating.

Email Crafting, Testing, and Deployment

With your enriched leads in hand, it's time to craft that perfect email. And this is where Instantly shines. Integrate your leads, emails, and personalized lines into Instantly's platform. With its pre-warmed email inboxes, your outreach is not only efficient but also effective. A compelling email copy, when sent through the right channels, can translate to substantial speaking revenue.

Leveraging Multimedia in Cold Emails

Don't just tell; show! Share clips of your speaking engagements. Embed or link videos within your emails to give recipients a taste of what to expect.

Maintaining Professionalism

Your email signature is a reflection of your brand. Ensure it's professional, with updated contact details. Once your emails are sent, monitor your inbox. Timely responses and strategic follow-ups can make all the difference.

Key Takeaways and Conclusion

In the evolving landscape of public speaking, traditional methods of securing engagements are rapidly becoming obsolete. The fusion of tools like Clay and ChatGPT with platforms like offers speakers a modern, effective, and scalable approach to outreach. Harness these tools, craft compelling emails, and watch as speaking opportunities roll in.

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