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  • Keith Ferrazzi's Speaker Reel

    NYT Bestselling Author & Speaker, Founder of Ferrazzi Greenlight
  • Lethia Owen's Speaker Reel

    Renowned Speaker, Founder of Gamechangers International
  • MasX Facebook Ad

    MasX, An N95 Mask Company
  • Long Live Aroma - Video Ad

    Bath and Body Works, Retail
  • Kian Gohar's Speaker Reel

    WSJ Bestselling Author & Keynote Speaker, Founder of Geolab
  • Dan Wise, Consultant - YouTube Video

    Received over 100k organic views on the RDAP Dan YouTube Channel
  • DEI Event Promo Video

    New Leaders, a Nonprofit Organization
  • DEI Showcase Video

    Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals, a Legal Association
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  • Working with Mike and his team has been transformative for my brand. Not only has he elevated my social presence, but his lead-generation efforts have significantly boosted my speaking and coaching pursuits. But beyond that, I enjoyed working alongside Mike as a dear friend who cares deeply about my success and is willing to take on whatever project I ask him tackle.

    Keith Ferrazzi

    #1 NYT Bestselling Author/Founder of Ferrazzi Greenlight
  • Brain Blast Media truly understands how to take your video content to the next level. Highly recommend. 

    Kian Gohar

    WSJ Bestselling Author/Founder of Geolab
  • In a world where talk is cheap, it’s rare to find a company that actually gets stuff done beyond expectations. Brain Blast Media is that company.

    Mark Goulston

    NYT Bestselling Author


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September 5, 2023
The Absurd Profit Potential of Cold Email

When I first started Brain Blast during the pandemic, I was in a bad place. I had just moved to NYC with my last few dollars after taking a risk to find a city shut down and the stark realization that my niche marketing consultancy wouldn't survive on referrals alone. Deep inside I knew there […]

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August 15, 2023
How Speakers Can Leverage Cold Email to Generate Speaking Leads

Introduction In today's digital world, public speaking remains a robust tool for personal branding and business growth. Speakers have an unparalleled opportunity to reach audiences and share their knowledge. However, securing those speaking engagements can be challenging. Enter cold emailing—a strategy that, when executed well, can open doors to multiple opportunities. Benefits of Using Cold […]

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August 8, 2023
Introduction to Live Streaming for Keynote Speakers

As we plunge deeper into the digital age, the virtual stage has become as important, if not more, than the physical stage. Particularly for keynote speakers, the advent and rise of live streaming has been shaking the speaking industry. The Rise of Live Streaming With advancements in technology and the global shift towards digital platforms, […]

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