September 5, 2023

The Absurd Profit Potential of Cold Email

When I first started Brain Blast during the pandemic, I was in a bad place.

I had just moved to NYC with my last few dollars after taking a risk to find a city shut down and the stark realization that my niche marketing consultancy wouldn't survive on referrals alone. Deep inside I knew there was a better way - With all my cards maxed out except one, I took what little I had left and invested in course after course trying to crack the code on how to consistently fill my pipeline with more and larger deals - and crack the code I did.

Now I can happily say that surviving (and thriving) through the pandemic, (and growing our revenue over 1000% in the process) that Cold Email has driven an abundance of business outcomes and changed my life forever. This is why I'm never going back (and you're missing out if you're not doing this).

The Universal Law Of Revenue

lead flow = deal flow = revenue (write this down)

So if you're going to grow your revenue you're going to need to create lead flow.

But the next question is how do I create that lead flow? The right combination of offer, tech, targeting, and personalization.

While it's too much to go into in a single 3 minute blog post I'll give you the overview below:

  • You need to identify your Ideal Customer by asking a few questions. Questions like: "What industry do I work with the most?" "What is the job title of the decision maker who would could become a buyer?" or "How many employees does my ideal customer have?"(Are you working with Solopreneurs? Business with 500 employees?, Fortune 100 with 10,000+ employees?)
  • You need to pull a list of 10,000-50,000 contacts who are likely to be decision makers. Use data providers like to find the emails or scrape LinkedIn Sales Navigator and use a data enrichment provider like Clay to find the emails.
  • You need to send highly precise email copy, containing your illustrious offer, which directly speaks to and resonates with your ideal customer and their current pain points. The email sending platform of choice is, which mimics human behaviors to stay out of spam and hit inbox. Every. Single. Time.
  • You need to monitor replies promptly and offer time slots to prospects to get your calendar full, meetings attended and your bank account thriving.

Now that I've given you my secrets all I ask for in exchange is to actually implement these strategies and make a ton of money for yourself. Or if you'd rather have my team do it, contact me today.

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